Powder Alloy Corporation (PAC) is a privately held firm that was founded in 1973. Our core business is the manufacturing and distribution of metallic, ceramic and thermal spray powders and wires that are used in coating enhancement and joining industries. PAC both markets directly to the marketplace as well as use strategic alliances to distribute its product globally.
PAC is located in Loveland, Ohio and has in excess of 70,000 square feet dedicated to our manufacturing and customer service operations. Our core manufacturing operations are Inert Gas Atomization, Agglomeration/Cladding, Mechanical Blending as well as precision sizing and blending.

Our primary focus is in the aerospace and gas turbine sectors. OEM approvals are inclusive of General Electric Aviation, General Electric Power Systems, Pratt & Whitney and Pratt & Whitney Canada, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, SNECMA and their subsidiaries. We also support the aforementioned sub-tiers and/or customers. Other industries serviced are the military, bio-medical, additive manufacturing, petro-chemical, and other industrial segments.

PAC has experienced many years of growth and profitability due to the experience and knowledgeable sales and manufacturing personnel; many of which have spent their entire careers in powder manufacturing. PAC is able to provide our expertise on material selection based on our expertise, manufacturing and resources. PAC works closely with our customer base and is able to offer significant input for their processes to achieve optimal results.



Thermal Spray Powders

· MCrAlY Powders

· Nickel Base

· Cobalt Base

· Iron Based MCrAlY

· Metal Alloy Powders

· Aluminum Base

· Cobalt Base

· Copper Base

· Nickel Base

· Titanium Base

· Super Alloys and Substrate Powders

· Cobalt Base

· Nickel Base

· Clearance Control and Abradable Powders

· Exothermic Composites and Bond Coat Powders

· Ceramic Powders

· Thermal Barrier Top Coats

· Industrial Ceramics

· Chromium & Tungsten Carbide Powders and Blends

· Chromium Carbides

· Tungsten Carbides

· Self-Fluxing Powders

· Cermet Blends

· Molybdenum Powders and Blends


Additive Manufacturing/3D Printer Powder 

· Cobalt Base

· Iron Base

· Nickel Base

· Al Base

· Ti Base

For your convenience, we have listed various industrial specifications applicable to our products. These specifications are intended as a reference only and not for determining, if required, Powder Alloy Corporation source approved products. We encourage you toCONTACT our customer service manager for specific Powder Alloy Corporation source approvals.