The seminar on the construction of the free trade port and the shenzhen-hong kong cooperation forum was held in shenzhen.

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-04-19
On April 3, shenzhen municipal transportation committee (shenzhen) organized a seminar on "construction of free trade port and cooperation with shenzhen port". City transportation committee Lou President you-fang huang and Confucianism, deputy director of Shanghai maritime university, the ministry of commerce, vice President of the international trade and economic cooperation research institute Li Gang, research, deputy director of the Hong Kong trade development council pansy yau Luo Meifeng at the Hong Kong polytechnic university and other institutions of scientific research and shipping industry representatives attended the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to study the feasible ways to build a free trade port in shenzhen and deepen the cooperation between shenzhen and shenzhen. Experts attending the meeting through the analysis of the experience of free trade port of Hong Kong, Singapore and dubai, fully explain from the reform of the system and practice innovation, and so on various aspects of free trade port of the in-depth discussion in shenzhen free trade port areas of focus.

By exploring the construction of a free trade port in shenzhen, we will strive to create new heights of reform and opening up, further consolidate and deepen the pattern of shenzhen's opening up to the outside world, and promote high-quality development with a high level of openness.