The ministry of science and technology of the sino-us trade war continues to focus on world dynamics.

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-04-19
As for the impact on China's technology industry in the sino-us trade war, the minister of science and technology, xu yijin, said that Taiwan should continue to observe the world dynamic and timely assist the industrial transformation and development.

Ministry of science and technology, points out that under the economic globalization, Taiwan belongs to the global supply chain link, trade war for market economy, hi-tech industry is bound to affect, however the sino-american trade friction will be how to develop, has yet to be observed. The ministry of science and technology will continue to observe and assist the industry in its transformation and development.

Last week (29 March) of the executive yuan will have a conversation to discuss topics for the sino-american trade friction heat, executive dean of lai lay in the "to carry out the President tsai four instructions, to accelerate the development of economy transformation measures", the ministry of science and technology will continue to assist domestic enterprises jointly with other government departments to strengthen technology upgrading, key components manufacturing, expand innovation, energy, strengthen intellectual property protection and development of science and technology, promote industrial innovation of 5 + 2, continue to promote Taiwan's economic transformation and development.